October 21, 2009

Fun Jewelry

I was running errands today at Target and made a quick stop at the accessories section. Loved the collection! Anna Sheffield's jewelry for Target was a bit on the pricier side, but I just loved the dainty chains of her necklaces and the "modern heirloom" theme. I did find some fun rings for $7.99 and under (not part of Anna Sheffield's collection). I sneaked a pic with my cell hehe Sorry for the poor quality.

I was never drawn to oversized cocktail rings or costume jewelry before, but in the recent months, they have slowly grown on me. I think deep down inside I craved for one, but was afraid to take the step haha Thank goodness for retailers like F21 and Tar-zhay (as me and my friends like to call it ;) ) with affordable options for those of us who are iffy or need to play with them a bit. During my last trip at Forever 21, I didn't find one that I liked even though I dug through all the bowls overflowing with rings:P I browsed through the online store and found a few fun ones for $6.80 and under.

(Image: Forever 21)

(L to R) (1) Abby Flower ring $4.80 (2) Flower Frame Rose ring $6.80 (3) Graceful Turtle ring $5.80 (4) Shimmer Flower ring $4.80.

While on the subject of fun jewelry, I recently rediscovered Fred Flare and their collection of quirky gifts and accessories that never fail to lift my mood:) With upcoming birthdays and the holidays, I'm slowly compiling my list of gift-worthy pieces. Fred Flare is known for their affordability, but not all their merchandise are Forever 21 affordable. While on the site, check out their collection of coats and dresses. So cute! I'll have to make another post strictly on Fred Flare pieces one of these days, meanwhile check out their collection of fun rings and necklaces...

(L to R) (1) Unlock my heart necklace $36 (comes with a key for that special someone *wink, wink*) (2) Tiny treat necklace $50 (3) Heart twig watch necklace $20.

(Clockwise fr top L to R) (1) Chunky bow ring $12 (2) Forget me knot ring $54 (3) Diamante she wolf ring $75.

Back to my Tar-zhay trip, I ended up purchasing just one accessory. I've been drawn to peace symbols lately and I just loved these stackable rings for only $7.99 and the mix of gold and silver tones. Remember when it's a no-no to mix gold & silver?? Thank goodness almost anything goes now;) Besides, I think the mixture gives certain pieces a fresh look:)

I love the stud detailing of the peace symbol

What's your take on oversized rings, love 'em or leave 'em?

P.S. Speaking of company nicknames (i.e. Tar-zhay), recently I stumbled on an article regarding popular big time company nicknames on walletpop. They even outline a brief history behind each moniker. Some are on the lame side, but others may generate a few chuckles:) I didn't know that Neiman Marcus was also known as Needless Markup haha

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