November 4, 2009

Bargain ALERT! Fierce Heels from Christian Siriano for Payless!

Payless has definitely stepped it up over the years:) Is anyone else thrilled as I am with all these great designer collaborations? (i.e. Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target, Stella McCartney for GAP Kids, Jimmy Choo for H&M).

As an avid follower of Project Runway, I'm quite excited about Christian Siriano's latest collab with Payless. Just look at these Elisa Strippy Sandals with a going rate of just $29.99?!

(Image: Payless)

I can't wait to hit up the local Payless and try these out! I've been searching for a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals at a reasonable price and I think my search may be over. I'll definitely write a review once I get the chance to check them out. For shoes under $50, Christian Siriano's line is quite the steal! (Booties were the highest priced items) If only the 50% off Payless coupon from was still available...I'm also lovin' these Micola Zipper Flats.

FYI -- Payless offers FREE in-store shipping. Flat rate shipping costs is just $5.95 anytime!

Yay or nay on Christian Siriano's line? If you've had the chance to try them out or own a pair, I'd love to hear your thoughts:)

P.S. I just saw the Buy 1, get 1 50% off EVERYTHING Ad. Offer ends 12/1/09. Sigh...why do you tempt me with more unnecessary footwear, Payless??



  1. I keep on hearing about this collection but have yet to check it out. Must do so! :)

  2. Hi, Shop N' Chomp! Same here:) I did look online and looks like they're selling out quickly! They didn't have the Elisa in my size anymore:( Let me know how you like it if u purchase a pair:)

  3. such a cute collection! I love those flats!

  4. Hi, Taylor Sterling! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I want every pair ;)

  5. I agree that Payless just keeps getting better... I've been waiting for this line to come out but haven't been in the store recently. Look forward to hearing your review on those sandals (hope you get them; they're gorgeous!). Yes, designer collaborations with lower priced stores are fantastic!

  6. I didn't know he was designing for Payless, and I loved him on Project Runway! I will definitely check it out!

  7. Stylestance - Welcome! Yes, definitely check them out:) I still have not been able to purchase a pair, unfortunately. I actually ordered them online, but my order didn't go through b/c they ran out of my size. Thank you again for stopping by!

    taniafromtexas - Welcome! I agree, he was awesome in the show. FIERCE! haha Thank you for dropping by!