February 24, 2012

Here we go again...


I have a love/hate relationship with French macarons. Love the perfectly crispy yet fragile shell and chewy interior, but making these at home is a thorn on my side. This weekend will mark my 7th or 8th attempt. I'm making a batch for a good friend's birthday (I know, right, another b-day?!! lol)...please wish me luck!

While scouting out video tutorials on YouTube, I came across this one below. It's probably one of the best tutorials, especially in terms of styling. Plus, the upbeat music puts me in a good mood, which is always needed when making these babies hah!

Have you guys attempted Macarons before? Any tips for this frustrated novice?:)

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  1. I watched a few videos, and they all say to not beat the eggs too much otherwise it starts to be something else. And also, after you add the ground almonds and powdered sugar, only mix only as much as you need to blend and not too much or the texture will be no good! As with a lot of recipes.

    1. Thank you for the tips! I really appreciate it:) It's definitely a tricky recipe.

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