July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, Friends! Hope you're enjoying the weekend and grubbing on delicious bbq! I'm so grateful for the much needed 3 day weekend. In addition to the traditional bbq, this time of year is also a fun gathering with my family. I can't seem to recall a 4th of July apart! One of my fondest memories is a boating trip on a beautiful lake during my high school years. We were floating amid hundreds of boats as we watched fireworks above us, launched from a barge in the lake center. Good times indeed! Here's to making new 4th of July memories!

This is a scheduled post, but I will be back soon to visit your blogs! I apologize for the delay in responses this week. Hope you are having a lovely weekend with your loved ones!

Images (Top to Bottom): 1. MINKPINK Summer 2011 2. Pottery Barn 3. Tidy Mom | Taste and Tell 4. Sugar Nails 5. Better Homes & Planet Blue 6. Cotton Bird Designs via etsy 7. LIFE Magazine


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  2. Love the pics! Happy 4th of July to you too! Hope you're having a great holiday weekend. =D

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  3. Hope you had a good 4th July A! Love all your images it's been so interesting seeing how you celebrate the event xoxo

  4. seriously beautiful pictures! very lovely


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