September 26, 2011

Fall Transitions

DSC_5758 copia
Maria, Santa Monica (Montana Ave) Shop Her Look » Funktional Mayan Knit Skirt + Blu Moon Button Down Top + Splendid Tank + Louise Manna Suspender Body Chain + Jen Shon for Planet Blue Tassel Body Ornament + Cynthia Dugan Earrings

Hello there! Another apology for being a terrible blogger, but I'm still alive:) Been caught up in with life's craziness and the next thing I know it's fall?! Summer is still lingering here in Southern California (no complaints here *wink*), but I've been slowly accumulating a few inspirations for autumn transitions.

1. I am lusting after every single piece here on Chiara of The Blonde Salad. Aaah! She's wearing everything on my fall wish list: electric blue denim, tan leather jacket and the leopard purse!
2. Floppy hat...CHECK. Now searching for the perfect Navajo inspired wrap. Any leads on an affordable version?
3. My obsession with maxi skirts continues into fall. This version worn by Maria of Planet Blue is lovely! (P.S. So are the rest of her outfits here).
4. There is nothing like this season's comfort food!

I'll catch up with your blogs soon! How is the weather in your part of the world?:)


  1. Welcome back! Have missed your posts A. I love everything Chiara is wearing too. The weather here in the UK had been very autumnal, but supposedly this week we are having a mini heatwave!!! I'll believe it when I see it xoxo

  2. Same as yours. Hot! XD For Fall and Winter, I am all about apple and pumpkin anything...haha! As for the Navajo wrap, I'd check F21 'cuz you never know. ;)

  3. I'm amazed by the caramel apples and the bright blue skinny jeans ! Love this post ! Check out :