September 28, 2011

It's All In the Details

Men's Style: Patch Work'
TPP: Autumn is for elbow patches.

A few details I'm obsessing over...seems like there's something new to obsess every week! Lol

1. Lucy Laucht's clever accessorizing!
2.-3. A blazer and sweater with elbow patches have been on my wish list for quite sometime. Great DIY by The Polka Dot Umbrella here. It's for her little boy's sweater, but could apply to an adult version, as well!
4. Leather sleeves! Obsessed, OBSESSED with Emma Watson's Burberry trench here since last year! So bummed I missed out on Topshop's wallet friendly version. This piece by Claudie Pierlot above is just as lovely!

Images: 1. Lucy Laucht | 2. Rugby Style Blog | 3. The Pastel Prince | 4. Claudie Pierlot Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Collection


  1. i totally agree, it's the little touches that can make an outfit all the more special xoxo

  2. first time i have stumbled across your blog and im already obsessed!