October 24, 2011

Manic Monday


Hello! Sorry for yet another disappearing act! Lately, I've been a bit swamped hence the sporadic posts. I'm hoping to be a better blogger this week;) How were your weekends? I had quite the frantic start to the week today. I suppose it's just one of those Mondays:) I'm relieved that the day is over and I'm now relaxing and blogging from the patio. I'm attempting to soak in as much of the beautiful weather as I can before actual Fall weather arrives in So Cal.

To keep my mind off the day's events, above are a few fun snapshots with my phone from the past week...

1.) I missed out on the Missoni for Target madness (my local store was nearly cleaned out!) and only managed to snag some platters. On a recent visit to see friends, I was quite excited to find this sweater skirt at their local store! OK, confession...it's from the kid's department, but the XL fits just like a woman's XS (and cheaper *wink*)! Plus, no indecency to be weary of since the skirt is as long as the adult version;)
2). A refreshing scent for an instant pick-me-up.
3.) Guacamole=Refreshing comfort food on a warm day.
4.) Loved the new painted staircase at one of my favorite shopping haunts, Madewell.
5.) Seriously too many temptations at the H&M sale. Love the color & ruffles of this top! Just $7!!
6) Today, I received a box of apples from a friend with an orchard. Made my Monday a little brighter! What a sweetie pie!

How do you cope with a manic Monday?


  1. Welcome back. I missed the H&M sale too. Wish I was there.


  2. Great score on the skirt, it looks fab on you xoxo

  3. oh i try to relax watch some tv series. and go to sleep early. i try. and would like to but. it just won't work. especially the going to bed early. tough one.
    Wonderful post, i really like the collage
    LOVE the skirt!

  4. Curious how the mango scent smells! Love mango.

  5. love the ruffle on the pink top!
    that's a great h&m sale!


  6. nice post!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!!!


  7. Great ideas.

  8. Love that skirt!!