November 29, 2011

Alternative Trees

Hi everyone! If you celebrated Thanksgiving, did you have a good one? I had a wonderful (way too short) time with my family & over ate, as usual haha! Black Friday shopping started at midnight this year and yes, it was INSANE. We were dead tired by 9 AM, but so worth it! Lol More on that later.

Switching back to work mode is always difficult following a holiday and even more challenging when you're ill. Really tried to fight it during work since I'm avoiding taking sick days. I was planning to share pictures of my weekend on this post, but I just don't have the energy to edit the pics.

Instead, how fabulous are these DIYs from CB2's inspiring blog?? Have you guys started your holiday decorating?:)

Images: CB2


  1. Ooh I really like the String Lights Tree! Great ideas!


  2. Such fab ideas! Hope you feel better soon xoxo

  3. Black Friday was a no-go for me but I did buy a tree...hehe. ;) That whirly tree is pretty amazeballs.