December 1, 2011


A good friend posted this quote on facebook the other day. I was feeling discouraged with a new project at work, on top of other personal problems that have been bringing me down. Initially, I was up for the challenge and ecstatic. Setbacks and unforeseen circumstances caused much frustration and tension. I was close to throwing in the towel after a stressful few weeks.

My friend's post came at such a perfect time (almost serendipitous? I've always wanted to use that word tee-hee). I'm grateful for moments like this. Moments that just slap you back to reality and somehow uplifts you to push on forward, whatever the circumstances.


  1. Everything we go through also makes us a stronger person. Big hugs xoxo

  2. Sorry to hear about your stressful weeks. Yes, totally serendipitous! :) A good slap to reality always helps us move onward and upward.

  3. Very inspiring. Sometimes all we need is a little push of random inspiration!