November 16, 2011

Glittery Pick-Me-Ups


I'm still in disbelief that Thanksgiving is next week! Didn't we just begin November?! With the holiday decor and music surfacing in stores, I'm starting to feel that holiday giddiness & cheer. This includes a month long obsession with anything that glitters and sparkles.

Exhibit A: I nearly purchased these vibrant Dorothy-esque ruby slippers from the Tar-jay kids department. No joke, I stood for nearly five minutes staring at my feet while while doing that familiar tug of war in my mind - Do I really need these?? Ladies, you know what I mean, ya?;)

How is your holiday shopping going?

Images: 1. Koala Fascinator via Luna on the Moon (etsy) | 2. Rox in the City | 3. Cake Picks via Modern Crush (etsy) | 4. Where Did U Get That


  1. I love the skirt in the lower left photo! Gorgeous. Have a wonderful day!

    XX Hilary

  2. I'm like a magnet to anything glittery, always have been, always will be!!

  3. GORGEOUS photos! I'm loving those glittery hearts and that gorgeous skirt needs to jump into my closet!


    Erin @

  4. love all of the glitter!

  5. Cake pics are so nice!