November 17, 2011

{Holiday Gifting} Paloma's Nest

Images: Paloma's Nest

I discovered a new favorite site through Hank+Hunt last week and just had to share! Austin, Texas based Caroline Colom Vasquez is the talented artist and designer behind Paloma's Nest. I'm loving the stylish simplicity of these handcrafted loveliness with a wide range of customizable gifts for weddings, birthdays or any occasion, really.

I'm sure many of you guys know at least one person who has everything they need/want, hence a headache to shop for lol I know quite a few and each birthday and holiday season has me scrambling for ideas! The above items caught my eye including these customizable cuff links and "where we met/where you were born" ornaments. I'm also a huge fan of the these wooden bracelets stamped with positive affirmations: "You are loved"/"I Can Change the World"/"Grace+Courage."

Detail of <a href=
Custom Good Egg via Paloma's Nest

Paloma's Nest may have come to my holiday shopping rescue this year (and in years to come, as well haha!). How do you guys shop for the one person who has everything? Would love to hear your ideas:)


  1. That "cookies for Santa" plate? I die. Honestly, I give gift cards. Not the most original but at least they can buy whatever they want. :P

  2. I love the cookie plate!! Happy weekend hun xoxo

  3. lovely gift ideas here! thanks for sharing!
    wish you a wonderful weekend