January 20, 2013

Denim Addict: MiH Jeans

MiH Jeans Pre S/S 2013 Collection (see the rest here)

For the longest time I had no idea what MiH stood for - Made in Heaven. The fit must be heavenly (yes, I went there haha!) because I've heard nothing but raving reviews about this British label. I've been meaning to try on a pair and I have a feeling it will only further feed my denim addiction.

MiH Jeans "The Oslo" in Surf (available here)

I chanced upon this by accident, but they're having an online sale here on the entire A/W 2012 collection! I'm talking $200 jeans reduced to $60!! I'm in the market for a skinny pair and I'm eyeing The Oslo above (Orig. $198, now $59.40!). Darn you, end of season sales! 

It's the perfect light wash that's ideal for spring. Should I?? Hmm, perhaps a few returns are in order. I'm also tempted by "The Breathless" in a dark wash here. Ugh.

Thoughts on MiH Jeans? Have you tried on a pair?

Images: MiH Jeans

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  1. Great post! I never wore the MiH Jeans, but it looks amazing! : )

  2. love this selection of denim i am a fan of it! I am a new follower of u! Would u like to follow me back on gfc? I would be very happy! giulia

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    very nice pictures!!!!:)

  5. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i really love your blog and style, maybe we can follow each other? (:


  6. I love the red pair! I didn´t know about this brand! The jeans look amazing! Thx for the nice comment:) Follow u on gfc and bloglovin/9, kisses chris