August 10, 2009

Kiehl's Offer: Free Ground Shipping + FREE Lip Balm #1

It's been awhile since my last post! Those of you who are fans of Kiehl's products will love their online offer! I thought this was pretty awesome so I had to post it right away :) Become a Kiehl's member ( and receive not only updates, but also exclusive offers! Their latest offer is free ground shipping with purchase of $30 or more AND receive a complimentary Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm. This offer is good for this week only. In addition, every order receives 3 free samples of your choice!

I discovered Kiehl's maybe about 2 years ago or so. Initially, I was hesitant to try their products. I thought that it would be another line of overpriced products with mediocre results. During one of my trips to Nordstrom's, I made my way to the Kiehl's counter and was approached by their skin specialist. He seemed pretty knowledgeable and asked me several questions about my skin and daily beauty routine. He recommended the ultra facial toner and advised that I used it after each face wash. I thought it was a bit excessive (and expensive :P), but he said that following this routine would wipe away not only debris but also residual detergents from your face (which also contributed to the tightness that you feel after you wash & dry your face). Two years later, I'm hooked on this product and the ultra facial cream moisturizer. Great combo for my skin type :)

I'm happy to say that I've seen an improvement in my complexion (my mom & my sister noticed, too!) It doesn't seem as dull, which is most likely attributed to the toner. For $15 a bottle, it's a bit pricey, BUT a few drops goes a long way! The moisturizer is a bit more expensive and comes in a small 1.7 fl oz jar for $24.50, but same goes for this product, you won't be needing too much for full facial coverage. We were at Nordstrom's last month and discovered that the same moisturizer comes in a bigger jar (4.2 fl. oz.) for $45.50! Much better deal. If only we had known...

Bottom Line: Become a Kiehl's member & take advantage of their awesome offers:) Still hesitant to try their products? Ask for a sample at the counter or store and test them out! (for FREE!) From my experience, Kiehl's reps have all been very nice and helpful and not stingy with the samples :)

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