June 8, 2011

Colorful Pick Me Ups

Images via weheartit, Free People catalog & d.Sharp Spectrum Cake Garland.

Happy Hump Day! I'm in need of a mid-week pick me-up following a frantic (not so great) Tuesday. Ever had one of those days where it's difficult to stay positive when everyone around you is grumpy?? Traffic seemed extra long and drivers appeared extra hot headed during yesterday's commute (Enough already with the honking. It's not gonna make traffic go any faster, people!). I woke up this morning with the hump day slump, but I'm determined not to allow this to set the tone of my day!! No siree...

Sometimes it's the small things that gets me through the day...i.e. colorful inspiration! Oh and this behind the scenes video via Free People. I'm not usually one for rainbow brite extensions, but this gorgeous fish tail 'do may just change my mind lol


  1. I am smitten with your blog! Such a great colorful post!



  2. These are lovely!! So so sweet:)

  3. I love this!! So inspirational. I've never wanted colourful extensions but that video might just make me go out and buy some. You have a lovely blog here :)